Shop Derrick Jaxn: Dark Skin, Light Skin, Melanin

mind JO business

Derrick Jaxn hit social media by storm with his 3-5 minute real and straightforward dating advice geared toward disgruntled, confused, and misguided single women.


It was only a matter of time before this gorgeous black man became THE relationship guru to Black Women all over the world.  With over 436K followers, Jaxn has quickly become a woman’s best male friend.


But Jaxn’s contributions don’t end at sharing the G-Code with ladies.  He is also an author and creator of a sweatshirt collection featuring strong, powerful messages for black women.


I proudly purchased one of my favorite sweatshirts from his collection last year:

“Dark Skin. Light Skin. Melanin”

I attempted to rock it like the models on his website and Instagram in hopes of getting featured.  That was a fail lol.

Nonetheless, I highly encourage you to check out Derrick Jaxn’s collection at his official website or Instagram page. You can also follow Derrick…

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