Celebrating Our Ancestors


Black liberals are found all around the world – they are the ones that rose up out of shackles, did not belittle or pity themselves to circumstance but through great feats of their own, showed that the black race, the Yahudah (Judah) tribe, Khem (Egyptian) peoples, Africans and all their descendants are the true Kings and Queens, and the true children of Yiśrāʾēl

These activists taught us to be unafraid, strong, determined and to never back down. Never falter in the mission of Black History Reinstatement. Black Upliftment. Black Power. Black Progression.

Our ancestors have made known to us that it is a God infused right for all peoples to be pursue their greatest dream, and manifest their greatest destiny.

Let us honour them in this month and remember all they have done to advance the human race.

malcolmx  Malcolm X ( born as Malcolm Little): Born a King. I…

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