Being Black

Sarah's Point of View

This post is going to be controversial, but it needs to be said and talked about. Black people need to address this issue.

I am black. As a matter of fact, I am African, where the black itself originated. I love being black. I love my skin, I love my language, I love my culture,  I love my melanin (although I am annoyed at the usage of this word in 2016), and I love black people.
However, I feel that we do not take responsibility for ourselves. I feel that we like to point the finger a lot of the time, and we use slavery/racism as an excuse.
Don’t get me wrong, slavery and racism are both horrendous things and we still experience the repercussions today. Many of our problems can be blamed on racism; however, it does not for our lack of efficiency in our communities.

I feel that as…

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