Support Your Friends Like You Support Beyoncé


When Beyoncé dropped her maternity shot on Instagram last week I scrolled down my timeline seeing that same tired photo the entire day. It was beautiful, but got me thinking: some of us won’t even repost a flyer supporting our own friends’ endeavors.

CaptureOne of the biggest things I noticed in my 20s is Black people do not support each other like other cultures. For instance, we do not support one another’s businesses without trying to swindle a discount, or when we are in a position to help we would rather help someone else because hiring another Black woman becomes a competition. Not to mention, all the mess we talk about the emotionally unstable half-naked frenemy on Instagram but don’t take the time to mentor her.


The truth is, I do not know why nor do I understand it but I wanted to call it out and evoke some kind…

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