They Said I Had Bad Hair



By: Suyent Rodriguez 

Me dijeron que tenia pelo bueno

Because it flowed in the wind

…when it was relaxed

“You can brush her hair all you want

but it will curl up eventually”

Mami’s coworkers said

When I was a baby she loved my hair because it was straight and soft

Little did she know,

It would in fact curl up

When I was old enough to hold my arm up

my dad’s hair was the first thing I reached for.

And his curls I would twirl on my fingers

All day long

But I never played with my mom’s hair

Little did we know,

I internalized the message

of a beauty standard that isn’t our own

Our Afrikan ancestors passed our melanin on to us,

Along with a hair that is so so good

So I let it grow,

And now your crown doesn’t fit

And your beauty standards…

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