Dark Skin, Nappy Hair


My dark skin is beautiful
my nappy hair is styled with care
that is my view of natural features
blessed I am, to share
Time travel to another place
Kings and queens have a similar face
So why I am forced to face degrading images
skin-bleached relatives and mind-shackled people
who think that their dark skin, nappy hair
is something to be traded
that it is jaded
Confused thoughts
lead people to self hatred
not only for themselves
but for anyone wearing the darkening pigment
And why the confusion?
Because we of dark complexion
and finely curled hair
must be daft, be fool
be anything but intellectual and schooled
Don’t you see how we have been fooled?..
Take a look
deep in the mirror
see what you uncover
beneath bewildered stares at your hair,
turned up noses at your clothing
Beneath all the physical woes
see the King, the Queen

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