Disturbing trend with interracial (IR) relationships

One Tawny Stranger

Note: for the purposes of this post interracial means ‘black’-‘white’ unless stated otherwise. And it’s very picture-heavy. 

Before anyone jumps on the bandwagon and labels me intolerant, I have nothing against interracial relationships. In an ideal world it wouldn’t be an issue at all. Even in this non-ideal racism-riddled world they can still work. I especially have nothing against ‘black’/’white’ people, they’re still just people no matter what.

IMG_20160601_093612.jpg Cringing at the Godly part but whatever floats your boat…

However, I’m not going to ignore personal experience. As a Londoner I’ve spoken to guys of all backgrounds. One thing I’ve noticed, especially among my generation and younger, is the number of ‘black’ men who want ‘white’ women. Nothing wrong with that. Often they’ll also say it’s not just ‘white’ women they want, they’ll go for any other type of woman. All good…


This is where the problem lies. They…

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