In Salvador, Bahia, male and female models participate in selection for Afro Fashion Day parade

Black Women Of Brazil


Note fro BW of Brazil: Salvador, Bahia, in Brazil’s northeast, is known internationally for the strong African influence on its culture. And this influence can noted in the music, groups such as Ilê Ayê, the vast numbers of terreiros (houses of worship) and of course, the skin tones, hair textures and overall physical features of the majority of the population. As such, what better city to host the Afro Fashion Day parade with a cast of attractive brown-skinned models, both masculine and feminine? The agency promoting the event brings exposure and opportunities to black models who may otherwise have been ignored. Why would that be? Because equal to the rest of the country, even in ‘Black Bahia’ there is a not so subtle desire to shine the spotlight on Bahians with a more European appearance. Remember the controversial beauty contest full of light/white-skinned models? Or the

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