Black is beautiful

It is not a secret that a lot of darkskin people are discriminated against within the Black community.  It not only means you are less attractive but also more likely to be poor, ghetto, etc.  This is what it means IN the community.  We often blame it on European slavery, but they did not invent it, they just exploited a light vs dark war that is millennia old.  
We see ancient examples of it in the Islamic world, in the Indian world, in East Asia, even Christian Ethiopia, etc, long before Europeans rose to power.  In fact, the  existence of “light is better” HELPED Europeans rise to power because they were lighter than the former “light” masters, as was the case in Hindu caste systems. 

We have to realize that saying “black is beautiful” is not going to change it because those are just empty words.  How are you going to say Black is beautiful if you always have straightened hair? If all your references to beauty are lightskin?  
Black beauty is not something you say, it is something you LIVE by celebrating the natural African way God created you.  Black beauty is the goddess Osun.  
(painting of Oshun by Rachel Santel).
Via IFA: Orisha Scientific Spirituality

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