In documentary ‘Mulheres Negras: Projeto de Mundo (Black Women: World Projects), 9 black women share survival experiences framed in race, gender & class

Black Brazil Today


Note from BW of Brazil: Black women doing for themselves, telling their stories and bringing color and consciousness to the narrative. We’ve sad it time and time again here on the blog, if they were to wait on Brazil’s mainstream media to tell their story, they’ll either continue waiting or continue accepting the image of black women as available bodies only useful for work or sexual gratification.  Realistically, if Brazil’s media were interested in telling the stories of this parcel of the population, they wouldn’t represent only 4% of protagonists in films, seeing a black woman as a talk show host wouldn’t be difficult to find and they wouldn’t represent only 1% of the leading roles in television commercials

Fortunately, just since the appearance of this blog we’ve seen major strides in Afro-Brazilian women taking the lead in their productions which have lead to exposure at the…

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