Oya: The orisha of change

In IFA: Yoruba Scientific Spirituality, the orisha of change is Oya.  She is symbolized by the storms which destroy to rebuild.  It is fitting that she is also the orisha of economics since it is economics that is the source of change. This is why Oya turns a deaf ear to repetitive theatrical cries about Black lives matter if it is not immediately followed by Black on Black business matters.  Oya teaches us that the storms of change—the force that will destroy to rebuild–begins with economic changes. 

Many Blacks don’t want to deal with this because they are addicted to products created by their master.  They don’t want to stop being his prostitute but don’t want him to pimp slap them.  If you don’t want to be pimp slapped, you will not get the pimp to stop by appealing to his conscience that your life matters.  It is not in the nature–or even good business sense–for a pimp to respect his whore.  He must dehumanize her for her to be of good use.  The only way to get a pimp to stop beating you is not by asking him for mercy, but for you to stop being his whore/cash-cow. 

Oya teaches that you can change the game by buying from your own people and building business with your own people.  You can’t expect to dethrone a tyrant if your spending pattern is what is funding his tyranny. Black lives will never matter until Black-on-Black business matters to Black people


Via Yoruba Scientific Spirituality,

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