Black love over everything

I think black women don’t feel safe, loved or protected, every other race of women are protected by their men, this lack of love, lack of protection and lack of recognition comes out as anger towards black men. Black women feel unwanted and abandoned, left holding a baby, it took two people to create and rightly so they feel aggrieved.

Black women are diamonds, they’re the strongest women on the planet, but they’ve had no choice, too many black men have acted like spoilt little brats and haven’t taken responsibility for they way some black women are. They haven’t put their hands up, like real men and said, my bad, so I’m gonna do it for them. Hand on heart I’m sorry for the way black men have treated black women me included of course.

If black men stood up and fought for their women, if they loved and protected them and were, real men of his word, then this so called attitude of black women would slowly dissolve, they would relax and their soul would rest a little easy, of course they would still test the man once in a while but that’s a woman’s nature.

Black women are strong but they want a man to take charge and be like don’t worry I’ve got you ma. I used to say I was tired of justifying myself to black women like I’m not such a bad guy, and in truth it gets tiring, but taking responsibility, I realise it’s just the way it is and if anyone is to blame it’s black men, if they began stepping up more. I wouldn’t have to keep justifying myself, but I’ll let you into a little secret, there are lots of black men who love and protect black women, but they’re so busy, being humble, loving their women and raising their families you don’t see or hear about them, don’t worry I see ya, I’ve got your back and I’m gonna keep publishing you actions on this blog. Love ya to the fullest. Black love over everything.


4 thoughts on “Black love over everything

  1. I’d like to say I’m one black woman that can see and forgive. It’s not your intention. Things just get outta hand. The longer you’re blessed with life the clearer things are. Know your limitations.
    God Blessed

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