Integration was the worst thing black people ever did.

Over the past few weeks I have been reading a book called Black love is a revolutionary act by Umoja, which has completely blew my mind. I haven’t been able to put the book down, it has answered so many questions I had about the predicament black people are in and what we can do about it.

Over the next weeks I’m going to post articles inspired by the book with quotes.

Black and white people are not the same. The worst thing black people ever did was to integrate with white people, before integration black people were more powerful as a unit and relied on each other instead of a a group of people who constantly exploit them.

White people love telling black people to move on, but as soon as black people move on white people want to pull them back, because they love to be in control.

Never forget Black Wall St



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Before integration there weren’t any latchkey kids, neighbours or elders in the neighbourhood would look after children until their parents came home. Elders were treated with respect and relished the opportunity to pass on their knowledge to the youngsters. It was safety in numbers.

In 1925, only three percent of black families were headed by women. The marriage rate for blacks during the Great Depression was higher than the marriage rate for whites, even though blacks were more likely to be poor than whites.

Before integration, the vast majority of black men had to get married if they wanted a home, children, respectability, and regular sex.

Black love is a revolutionary act



What happened?

What happened? We copied white people, we saw how they were living and thought it was better, we watched their TV shows and believed the hype, we began worshiping money and individualism, even though it felt wrong we did it anyway because we were taught to believe white was right, we turned on the TV to occasionally see a face that looked like ours and worshipped that face only to find out he/she wasn’t exactly black loving.

The rampant materialism of celebrities, athletes, and an increasing number of handpicked “showcase” blacks with their non-black spouses taught us what “real success” looked like — and it didn’t look like BLACK LOVING BLACK.

Character and kindness fell sharply on our “gotta have” lists and we focused more on competing with the kinds of lifestyles we saw whites leading on and off-screen. As the number of successful and professional blacks increased, so did our egos, vanity, materialism, arrogance, white-identification.

Black love is a revolutionary act

We started to believe because we were ‘let’ into corporate America we were accepted by white people and began to belittle others that weren’t working in white collar jobs even if they had their own business, we began judging our partners by white standards, we started copying the white way of life even if it didn’t benefit us, we started building white america instead of black america and for what? to still live in fear of our children being shot or killed by the people we pay taxes to protect us.

We made the mistake of thinking we didn’t need other but we do, we need each other now more than ever.


The Solution

We need to start loving ourselves and each other, that way we don’t need white validation, we need to build together and stop looking for social acceptance from white people because we will never get it and if we want to follow a model that works look at the immigrants that came to this country and become successful.

These non-white immigrants focused on ECONOMIC POWER, not on assimilating with whites. They STUCK TOGETHER, WORKED TOGETHER, and built strong ethnic families, communities, and mega-businesses together — usually right within the DIS-UNIFIED black community. Non-white immigrants know ETHNIC UNITY and STRONG FAMILIES are the KEYS to economic prosperity. They seldom seek social acceptance (validation) from whites because they know they will never get it (because they will never be white).

Black love is a revolutionary act


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