Black She-roes: Author Jarid Arraes brings black female representation in her book about legendary black freedom fighter Dandara of Palmares

Black Women of Brazil


Note from BW of Brazil: As we all know, black representation in any genre is an ongoing struggle. Even more so if we consider only black women. As an example of how minuscule this representation really is, one report found that Afro-Brazilian women represent only 4.4% of characters in Brazilian film. In Brazilian literature, the result is similar with black females representing only 2.7% of all characters. Also, when these women are presented, they often are presented as sexualized ‘mulatas’ or maids. Add to this same invisibility and stereotyping in television and is it any wonder why black women are imagined to represent the base of the social pyramid. With this bleak picture, as we have pointed out in previous posts, one solution to this lack of representation is for more talented writers, producers, actors, etc. doing for self as we have seen in a recent film, independent…

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