Is there a such thing as a black princess? ‘Fábula de Vó Ita’, an independent short film about racism and representation in childhood seeks support through crowd-funding

Black Women of Brazil

Catarse_1 Ana Fulô (Vó Ita or Grandma Ita) and Tekka Flower (Gisele) in scene from ‘Fábula de Vó Ita’

Note from BW of Brazil: Race and representation. It’s a very important topic for us here at BW of Brazil. Brazil’s media clearly doesn’t care that more than half of it’s population doesn’t fit within the standard physical representation that has been presented on the airwaves for decades now. These representations often have devastating effects on the self-esteem and identity of children who don’t fit into these standardsBut as many have and are realizing, complaining does very little. Change requires a vision, a plan, development and a will to do for self what others can’t or aren’t willing to do. Another thing that is very much necessary is funding, that asset that so many groups and organizations are lacking. A few months back, we brought you the story…

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