Women are not checking for limp…


oraineWomen don’t like limp dick. They want it strong and rock hard! When she touches that thing fire has to come off. It has to radiate.

You want to know how to get that hard. Have an ambition. Have your life in position. Do your purpose! As Zo Williams puts it ‘Fuck Your Purpose’! When you fuck your purpose there is a certain level of confidence that you project. When a man has a feeling his life is in check, he automatically becomes an alpha. So key is to have a purpose. A man should have an aim in life, regardless of what he wants to achieve, become a doctor, lawyer, engineer, musician, dancer, artist, you should have a goal and an aim to get there. You should set objectives, aims and visualise that. As I have said in a previous post, black men are alphas. Black…

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