Meet Brazil’s black “It” girls of the blog-o-sphere: With growing followings, these ladies have become the ones to watch for women seeking fresh fashion ideas!

Black Women of Brazil

capaNote from BW of Brazil: On this blog we often tackle the topic of the low level of black representation in the media. But one very positive thing has come out of this media “blackout”: It has created an open market for those talented individuals who have fresh, intriguing views and styles that other black people/women are interested in. Last July, in an article about black female bloggers, we introduced the women bloggers who are filling the void in Brazil’s Eurocentric beauty market.” Today, in a similar fashion, we present to you five Afro-Brazilian women who have slowly carved out their own niche, gained a following and become highly influential “go to girls” for women seeking fresh fashion ideas. 


By Elida Aquino


I shared on Twitter that I don’t read blogs anymore that don’t mirror me. We talk a lot of…

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