Black History shouldn’t be taught in schools………………..

Black history shouldn’t be taught in schools it should be taught in the home, then when kids go to school the white history they learn just makes them more rounded individuals.


4 thoughts on “Black History shouldn’t be taught in schools………………..

  1. A lot of black people don’t know their own history, they are taught falsehood in schools and depending if their lives put them on a path that will allow them to gain better insights into the truth or if they will simple have to learn to survive on a day to day basis, this knowledge may never be taught. They are rewriting and misrepresenting true history (refer to the type of actors used for Exodus), it’s hard having to undo what has been ingrained. Cognitive dissonance isn’t a walk in the park and when/if you have someone trying to wake others up, they will face resistance.

    Imagine what will be like for a parent to have to teach their kid that the American Independence’s Day they know was not their true independence day. That independence came much later for black people. That Columbus didn’t discover any land because the land was already inhabited by a beautiful, peaceful, and loving people whom welcomed them and he decided they would be his source of slave labour and would ultimately exterminate the inhabitants of the land they came upon. These kids will have to stay in a constant state of confusion, as in order to get that diploma, they will have to answer their tests with the false “knowledge” the school forces on them.

    • Very true Lesgo, it’s going to be hard, but learning black history and then teaching it to our children is something we must do, to me it’s not an option if we want to survive as a people, for instance if we teach our children black history and black pride before they go to school, when they go to school they will already know that what they are being taught is a lie and will already have the knowledge to prove this, but I feel black parents are being lazy they are waiting for white people to uplift the black race, white people are never going to do that, the only black history white people will teach is the parts that benefited them as a race.

      • Black people aren’t lazy, they are being systemically marginalised. Black people calling other black people lazy shows exactly the success of the white supremacy narrative. Black people work hard every moment of their lives to survive in a world that’s against them at every turn. Have you ever heard of a little white boy being arrested for playing with a toy gun? Black people aren’t more criminal, they are made to seem more criminal and lazy by the system that wants them to fail.

        The goal isn’t to accept the system, it is destroy it completely. How white people may feel about including black education is irrelevant, freedom is taken. You force the change you want to see in the world.

      • We definitely do need to instill black pride, expose them toys, shows, cartoons and movies of people who look like them and who are being portrayed in the correct manner.

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