Why Women and Children Don’t Listen to Positive Black Men

Black Liberation Love of N Unity

Male deer will grow antlers for the main purpose of battling with other males. They will lock antlers and test their strength during the mating season.

In some cases, a male will grow antlers so large that the other males will simply not bother challenging him. This allows that male to have the right to breed with the female deer in the group and pass his genes to the next generation.

I just saw a video that irritated the hell out of me. It’s actually an ENERGY I’ve been observing from Black men who call themselves the “good guys”. An ENERGY that needs to be checked and corrected. I wish a Black man would stand up and do the “checking”, that would be more appropriate, but I will still attempt addressing this situation. Hopefully it will penetrate the minds of some Black men who consider themselves to be good quality…

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