African fashion designers show off their works with 25 black Brazilian models during São Paulo Fashion Week

Black Women of Brazil


Note from BW of Brazil: I like this idea. Year after year it is blatantly obvious how invisible black models are at Brazil’s top fashion shows São Paulo Fashion Week (SPFW) and Fashion Rio. This invisibility has been a regular complaint of black activists for as long as I’ve even paid attention to the events and that goes back to the first few years of the 21st century. The nation’s fashion industry, like its media, seemed to be saying, “we will present Brazil as a white nation regardless of how you people feel about it.” The industry continues to ignore demands of Afro-Brazilian activists and even with a judgement that levied a quota of 10% black model representation, they’ve managed to keep the shows overwhelmingly white. It’s actually pretty amazing. Even with African themes of past shows, black models remain essentially “blacked-out”!


For this year’s Spring-Summer collections presented at…

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