We are Afro-Mexican|”I am Blaxican”

Life as Karen

This week I decided to interview my dad; my inspiration for this project. The interview was conducted in Spanish, the English version is translated!

Esta semana decidi entrevistar a mi papa; la inspiracion para este proyecto.


K:¿De donde eres?Where are you from?

M:Soy de Santo Domingo Armenta Oaxaca, pero me fui a Acapulco, Guerrero a la edad de 4 años

I am from Santo Domingo Armenta Oaxaca, but I moved to Acapulco,Guerrero when I was 4 years old.

K:¿En que año te venistes a E.U? Y por que?What year did you migrate to the U.S, and why?

M:Vine a Estados Unidos en 1999, a lo que todos venimos, buscando una vida mejor para nuestras familias

I came to the U.S in the year 1999, for the same reason that we all come here for; a better way of life for our families.

K: ¿

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