The problem with what Azealia Banks said on Twitter

soooooooo after all the ranting about racism Azealia Banks has come out and stated on Twitter that she doesn’t date black men because they are too much stress and take black women for granted so she prefers white men, the same white men who are the reason for the racism she so openly talks about. According to her she prefers for things to be nice and easy when she gets home, well let me tell you something as a black man who was brought up by a white family, I think Azealia banks is disillusioned, things are nice and easy until something happens concerning race, which is pretty often and then things go from bad to worse because the white person even though they may love you, just doesn’t understand and will label you that angry black person with a chip on their shoulder always talking about racism, at first when you start dating they think it’s cute but then it starts to wear them down because you keep identifying the white privillege that they so dearly want to keep hold of and they just label you that angry black person, and if you decide to have a child with that white person things will go from bad to worse, the child will be birracial and the white partner will pretend to the child that racism doesn’t exist making things even more frustrating. I really think someone needs to sit down and talk to Azealia Banks because as each day passes she’s becoming more and more of an embarrassment.


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One thought on “The problem with what Azealia Banks said on Twitter

  1. Azealia Banks is a walking contradiction. Even though she does speak some truth…it’s hard to take her seriously when she messes with white boys. She comes off as a BIG joke. Just my 2 cents.

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