Black women dating white men

When I see black women who only date white men. I see this anger in their eyes directed at black men. I feel this intense hate, I’ve seen black women walking with white men who will try to catch my attention, just to make sure I see them and then smile like look at me, but when I really look in their eyes past this anger and hate. I see hurt and pain, like I’m not doing this because I want to, I’m doing this because you made me do it, I’m doing this because of all the time you have disrespected me by calling me ugly I’m doing this so you know how it feels when I see you chasing all these blue eyed, blonde haired white women, leaving me on the shelf, and you know what, when I see that look I don’t blame the black woman I blame the black men who left her on the shelf for white women they thought were easy, yet turned out to be hard. In every race women look for their men to validate them, when their men don’t, they grow up with self-hate.


5 thoughts on “Black women dating white men

  1. I almost entirely wholeheartedly disagree with this post … but I trust that I understand the reasons behind it.
    I’m a white guy, you see but not an American one even though I’ve lived there. I not only never felt racism towards others but suffered from discrimination within “white” people for nationalistic reasons. I have always had Black friends one of them a best friend since university until today and a few black girlfriends as well. The same goes for other so-called races.
    Once upon a time, a Black GF of mine from Florida did not trust me that white folks could be that colorblind as you yourself wrote about in another post. In my upbringing and beliefs, if I had to chose, mulatto is the best “color” as it shines human first. So I proved that to her by having an online discussion with a French female friend we played an Internet game with, that had sent an idiot packing on racism. I asked the French gal if she was mixed white and black.
    She answered : “No, I’m not that lucky, just plain white.”

    Considering the above, I hope that you’ll understand when I said that I disagreed, finding your post and blog somewhat racist even. BUT … I understand very well how this could be your position.
    In fact, as a non-racist person myself, I have favored disadvantaged minorities since youth and in America, feel closer to Blacks than to the majority of people “my own shade”. I hold Sidney Poitier as a heroic icon for that reason and still own a MalcomX leather jacket that I bought for the sole purpose of provocation to racists*. That you could have the opinions you express here is then likely a consequence of the hatred and not hate itself. I sadly understand that.

    I just hope to have shown however that colorblindness can exist deep in the heart of good people, naturally, not as an excuse or attitude. Just in case though, here are links to posts from my blog :
    I wrote against racism routinely but these are specific. From the last one ( first ever in chronological order ), you can get this that I penned to fight all discriminations :

    “Do you know of one person from your prefered gang, creed etc that is by your own opinion an idiot? Well then, if there is no color/sex/religion on stupidity, why would there be one or the other on intelligence?”

    Do keep up your fight and blog my friend, the need for it is sadly there but please, don’t despair yourself into reverse racism, there are good people out there to whom anything but equality is unacceptable. I have friends the world over that attest to that, simply humans!

    Peace out, Tay.

    * I’m luckily more than able enough to defend myself and in fact, fought a couple morons off for it.

    P.S. Feel free to keep this long comment for yourself after reading it if it bugs you to much and not approve it. But in that case, also feel free to use my blog’s Contact form to join me. Maybe a cross-posting between our blogs could be in the cards after talking on this? 😉 I’d welcome that.

    • I’m always amazed when white people come to black blogs and say the blog is racist, Tay I don’t want to live in a colourblind society. I’m black, I’m not white. I have a different culture and have different features which I love and I’m proud of that is something I want to celebrate I love differences it’s what makes people special. I don’t want everyone to be the same that’s boring. If this blog is racist then all the movies and magazines that are stated for everyone but who only feature white people are racist, why don’t you write to them and complain about lack of black faces, because if all the white people who constantly write to black blogs and black magazines etc saying it’s racist done this, then maybe we wouldn’t need to have black blogs and magazines etc.

      • I do write against racism, priceless, as the posts I offered show. Trust me that I will not stop until it goes the way of dinosaurs, extinct!
        And while we somewhat disagree on the colorblind thing, I do understand the race thing to be very specific in America compared to other places. In some lands, it would be caste or religion that would be the segregation marker.
        As I stated, by no means was my critic intended to stop you from pursuing your “quest” through this blog, it is sadly very necessary!
        I simply have a view of differences as less important than you do maybe and if so, we’ll just have to agree to disagree. Rest assured that I disagree incomparably more with the real racists and on that, back your work wholeheartedly.

        All the best to you and yours and peace, Tay.

    • I am a black woman currently dating a man from Pakistan. I did not think initially I was going to like him, but I did fall in love with him. I have found him to be mean, cruel, arrogant, obnoxious, he loves the explore my body, but once the love making is over he is very harsh, and critical of me. I vowed I would never date another black male , hence my meeting him and dating. The experience had s not been pleasant, but, i was and still am angry with the black man, so, i may continue this unusual, abusive relationship.

      • Joanne why are you putting yourself through this? What point are you trying to prove? You’re angry with black men but instead choose to date an abusive Asian guy? Are you going to be angry with Asians guys now?

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