“One A Day” Black History Month ~ Mr. William Alexander Leidesdorff, Jr.

The Militant Negro™

By Jueseppi B.

Eighteenth in the “One A Day” Black History Month Series is……Mr. William Alexander Leidesdorff Jr.

Once again, I knew nothing about this man. I think that is a direct smear on the teaching of Black American History. My thanks again to Ms. Shelley Peterson for her knowledge of Black American History, she suggested Mr. William Alexander Leidesdorff, Jr.

William Alexander Leidesdorff, Jr. (October 23, 1810 – May 18, 1848) was one of the earliest mixed-race U.S. citizens in California and a highly successful, enterprising businessman. He was a West Indian immigrant of African Cuban, possibly CaribDanish and Jewish ancestry. William Alexander Leidesdorff, Jr. became a United States citizen in New Orleans in 1834. He migrated to California in 1841, then under Mexican rule, settling in Yerba Buena (San Francisco), a village of about 30 European-Mexican families.

He became a Mexican

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