Real Heroes

Black people look at the world through a white lens, the black heroes celebrated are heroes given to us by white people, they’re black people who gave their all to the white agenda whilst black people were left wanting, they were conformists, sure they helped black people but in reality they led them down a blind alley, it’s for this reason we are given these heroes because white people want this to continue, they don’t want us to challenge them and they want to keep a close eye on us, this is the reason why REAL black heroes like Malcom X, Zumbi, Nat Turner, Luis Gama, Sam Sharpe, King Benkos, Harriet Tubman and Toussaint l’odventure are rarely celebrated, simply, they done more for the black agenda and if you don’t know some of these names go look them up.

Gaspar Yanga

Harriet Tubman

Toussaint L’Odventure

Sam Sharpe


Luis Gama

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