Making sense of 70% of rural Nigeria


Positive change need not be expensive nor drastic. How about small gradual solutions all around?

Tweaking perception the seventy percent Nigerians living in rural areas could be all it takes to effect positive change that will be felt by all.

Agbopa Village, Ibadan Agbopa Village, Ibadan

I took the above photo a while ago during a visit to Agbopa, a village in the outskirt of Ibadan. As a fellow villager, this photo is not out-of-place, I only turned my attention to the woman when I realised she has been standing on the same spot for about two minutes chatting happily with her friend – she was on her way to ẹkù (a designated place for palm oil processing).

The woman above could have been from any of our villages in the south where daily activities revolves around farm work. Most people work day in day out but very little to show for it.

Most of the village folks especially…

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