Juan Andrés López del Rosario, also known as “Andresote” was a Venezuelan black slave who fought for the equality of blacks and Indians against slavery in Venezuela. He is most known for organizing a movement known in history as the Revolt of Andresote.

Born in Valencia in the Carabobo state. His mother was an Indian and his father a black slave believed to be from Guinea.

Andresote was a slave who worked on a plantation but to escape from his master contacted Dutch smugglers to exchange or sell various products at better prices than those set by the Guipuzcoana Company which was a ruling class in Venezuela that exploited the people and imposed high taxes, killing and punished the people who refused to pay them.

Between 1732 and 1735 Andresote organized with the help of the Dutch black slaves and Indians, an insurrection against the Guipuzcoa Company and the Spanish, for three years Andresoto and his supporters remained strong destroying the government forces and troops sent against them but in 1735 the Spanish authorities managed to quell the rebellion and managed to arrest Andresote and many of his supporters, mainly Indians, mulattos, blacks, many of whom were sentenced to imprisonment or death. They couldn’t however, take over Andresote, who with the help of smugglers escaped to Curacao.


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