Meet the beautiful candidates of bloco afro Ilê Aiyê’s 2015 Night of the Ebony Goddess contest!

Black Women of Brazil

capaNote from BW of Brazil: It’s that time once again! Every year the legendary bloco afro known as Ilê Aiyê pays homage to the beauty of the black woman in their yearly Night of the Ebony Goddess competition. 

Candidates of Ilê Aiyê's 2015 Ebony Goddess contest Candidates of Ilê Aiyê’s 2015 Ebony Goddess contest

Below, as in previous years (2014, 2013, 2012), we feature the women who will compete for the title. One will note that the women that will compete in the competition, as is the standard, fall on the darker shade of brown in terms of skin complexion and all wear natural, ethnic hairstyles and/or wear turbans.


The choice of these styles represent a clear statement that speaks to the necessity of showcasing black beauty without appealing to what could be called “European standards of beauty.” Salvador, which known as “Black Rome” because of it’s vibrant African cultural practices and 80% Afro-Brazilian…

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