Mãe Gilda, a symbol of the fight against religious intolerance, to be honored with a bust

Black Women of Brazil

Iyalorixá Gildásia dos Santos e Santos, conhecida como Mãe Gilda de Ogum

Note from BW of Brazil:Religious intolerance has been an issue in Brazil for about as long as enslaved Africans have existed in the nation. Due to stereotypes and negative connotations associated with African-oriented religions, Afro-Brazilians often face discrimination based on their affiliation with one of the religions whether or not they actually are a follower, as we recently saw in the case of a black child who was harassed by her teacher in a school. Mãe Gilda was a symbol of this struggle and she will receive a very important recognition in honor of her cultural importance the battle for the respect of her religious practice. 

Black Personalities – Mãe Gilda

by Juliana Silva

In 1988, Iyalorixá Gildásia dos Santos e Santos, better known as Mãe Gilda de Ogum, founded Ilê Axé Abassá de Ogum, a Terreiro of Candomblé located near the Lagoa do Abaeté, in the Itapuã neighborhood of…

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