Yes………… A black Annie

To all the people thinking black folk are overreacting about Exodus

The whole point of Annie being a freckle faced redheaded boisterous orphan was that she was stereotyped as completely undisirable because of her ethnicity (Irish people used to face a lot of hatred), her personality (loud, vocal, open and honest), and her looks (freckles and red hair was considered to be extremely unattractive at the time that Annie was originally concieved). Redheaded people were often stereotyped as troublemakers with loud mouths and behavioral problems, and girls and women with red hair are often considered to be sexually “devious”, or more sexually mature at a younger age. These were reasons that people wouldn’t adopted redheaded freckle faced children who were probably Irish. They were considered unattractive, troublemakers, loud, and had “bad blood” and would probably become every negative stereotype for the Irish one could conjure. Now, in a time when racial representation is (slowly) growing, they chose a little black girl to replace the little ginger girl in this modern adaptation because guess what? Black children are often left to languish in the system now for the same reasons that ginger kids used to languish in orphanages then. Little black girls have all the same stereotypes slapped on them. Black children are labled as “thugs”, as “ghetto”, they’re labled as troublemakers and loudmouths; and face it- in white dominated media, as shown above, black is considered “unattractive”.
Black Annie is a true underdog now, whereas a redheaded frecklefaced child would be considered attractive (thanks very much in part to the original Annie, honestly). It is the same story, but with the real underdog orphan of this time.

White people claiming that POCs freaking out over Exodus is stupid OBVIOUSLY have never taken geography. Ramases was brown. Moses was brown. IT TOOK PLACE IN EGYPT. EVERYONE WAS BROWN OR BLACK. THEY ALL WERE PEOPLE OF COLOR. BECAUSE I DON’T KNOW IF YOU’VE FUCKING NOTICED, BUT EGYPT IS IN AFRICA. They literally changed the entire story by using white people, let alone the fact that MOSES NEVER LED THE HEBREWS INTO BATTLE, NEVER CARRIED A SWORD, NEVER PERSONALLY ENGAGED RAMASES THROUGH HIS OWN POWER.

Changing race in Annie was necessary to demonstrate truthfullness- redheaded freckle faced children are no longer underdogs in the adoption world, black children are. Changing race in Exodus was not necessary to demonstrate truthfulness and in fact essentially destroys a cornerstone of faith for millions of people worldwide, not only christians, but muslims and jews too. Moses and Ramases are part of all three of those faiths, and making them white and everyone else white is a slap in the face and was completely unnecessary in relaying the story.

The fact that this is even an issue makes me wann areach out and touch somebody. It’s Rue all over again. I wanna puke.


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