Being Afro-Latino

Being an Afro-latino is a unique experience one which over the years has been written out of history but keeps rearing its beautiful head through, music, culture, religion language and food, many afro-latinos are accused of running away from their blackness by African Americans, and in some cases it’s true but sometimes I feel it’s because they don’t fit into a box African Americans so keenly like to trap themselves in.

Many I feel run away from blackness because they associate it with negativity and poverty which for so long has been perpetuated with the notion of bettering the race by having a child with a white partner, or the negative images of black people which are aired on TV in Latin American countries, but in truth you can’t run away from who you are, from the true essence which lies inside of you, this is what you find pouring out when you see the way afro-latinos interact with each other walk, talk, dance and practice religion, every latin dance orignated from African slaves, even the tango in Argentina. Religions such as Santeria in Cuba, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, Lucumi and Candomble in Brazil all are prescriptives of African culture which couldn’t be suppressed.

There’s no escaping it and it makes me so happy to see everyday more and more afro-latinos embracing their blackness, being black should be a source of pride not a badge of shame, there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Afro-Latinos embracing their blackness doesn’t mean they have to start acting in a certain way it means, they’re not ashamed to say yes I’m black and I’m Latino too and I’m proud of my African heritage.

ChocQuibTown – De Donde Vengo Yo

This is a music group from Colombia. Yes Colombia.

Look out for the our afro-latino series

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