No Justice. No peace

The problem black people have is hope, we hope the white man will stop being racist one day, we hope he will stop killing us, white people attack us because we are weak and easily exploited, black men talking about being Bosses, bosses of what? being Kings, kings of what, kings from Africa? yet when Africans come to the US you laugh at them, because they are about education, because you don’t even realise education in Africa isn’t free, what white people do to us is human nature. We are like children, we keep repeating the same thing and hoping for different results that’s the first mark of insanity. We have to listen to Claude Anderson, pool our money together as a collective and build up our communities, stop moaning about Asians being in our communities, pool our money together open up our own shops and only go there, Asians will soon leave when they money dries up, until we do this, black people will forever have no justice and no peace.


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