Black Americans hold the monopoly on being black

I don’t agree with people distancing themselves from being black, but sometimes I understand. I think these days black Americans seem to hold the monopoly on what being black is, and a high percentage of this seems to be negative and restrictive, like black people don’t read, or black people can’t swim, really it’s stupid, and then if someone is black and comes to the US from anoter country like Brazil (a country where more African slaves went then the US and Caribbean put together) and doesn’t act like a sterotype, black Americans will say that, that person doesn’t act black. Why do you have to act in a certain way to be black? Dominicans are black, Cubans are black, Puerto Ricans are black (don’t believe me?, go to Loiza) they are just a different type of black, all with their roots in West Africa, the same way that English and Austrian people are a different type of white from each other both with their roots in Germany. We as a people need to redefine what being black is, stop expecting people to act the same way and take away the restrictive and negative sterotypes because it’s ridiculous and destructive.

Black youngsters in Colombia

Featured image of woman in Cartagena, Colombia via

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