Black men need to take responsibility

Black men have to take huge responsibility for all these black women with messed up weaves, skin lightening creams, booty implants etc, in every society women look for their men to validate them, which means what their men show they like the women try to be and black men show time and time again they want either light skin black women with straight hair or white women, so many black women try to look like that, it’s the same thing with white men and women, their men show they want women with blonde hair, blues eyes, a slim figure, big tits and no ass, so the women kill themselves trying to be that.

If the famous black men started only dating black women with natural hair watch how quickly things would change.


2 thoughts on “Black men need to take responsibility

  1. Not one to post publicly on this subject, however, I am tired of the amount of blame that black men seem to inherit whenever things go wrong. Please do not attribute a generations choice that have happened through advertising to black men’s choices. Black women (as amazing as they are) have the choice to do what they like. So here are my very simple reasons for my general disagreement with your post.

    1. There was a recent surge-in the past two years-in the amount of women going on a natural hair journey. This I have seen was due to the amount of bloggers on YouTube and video documentaries saying how nice natural hair is

    2. Ask any man today if they feel that their woman should wear make up and I can almost guarantee that he will say no. That his woman is beautiful as she is. And in reality she is. But will the majority of the women stop wearing make up because he is supporting her and letting her know it’s okay? No! They won’t. It makes a lot of women feel more attractive and better about themselves, hence we just keep silent about it before it becomes another argument.

    3. If a man like a white woman that’s his affair. There are other ways in which white women behave. How come black women do not behave like that also. It seems to be only the hair thing which you are focusing on. Maybe white women smell better (just an example) or maybe they have blue eyes and that is attractive. What I am saying is that you can’t single out one thing and then say THIS is the reason why black men are going after white women.

    4. You may have upset the few good guys out there who generally love the sisters.

    5. Stop going for jerks!!!!!!!! A lot of black girls go for bad boys and then the rest of us get stick for them. It’s (usually-realise that I said usually) only after some idiot of a man has had his way with you that you decide that you want a good black man. Why should he marry you with two children when he has found another woman with no kids and ‘seems’ to be less……….free.

    6. Your post as aforementioned is a scape goat for decisions made by a generation of girls whose fashion sense derives from each other NOT necessarily from the admiration of their male counterparts. I mean didn’t Beyoncé call you all independent women. Make a choice and go with it. Do not blame it on a man. Otherwise we may have to call you dependent women.

    This post is by no means used to degrade women’s choices or their character. However I am using it to highlight the amount of stick that we get in general. We (black males) have so many people against us some legitimate reasons and others not so legitimate; so I think that THIS one should not be an issue and let’s focus on the real things at hand.

    My advice would be to any young girl that is reading this be who you are. Dress nicely. Be nice and looked lovely like our mothers did. Not showing off breasts or your bums. Be respectable. If you have or get a man continue to be how you were when he found you. Because THATS what attracted him to you.

    Any responses are welcome.

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