Real Talk

Black Woman, why are OUR experiences the “absolute reality” and what Black Men experience are “random occurrences”? We use our encounters and our experiences to define Black Men, but when Men share their experiences as a comparative tool, we chastise them for lumping us all in one category when that’s what we’ve done to them. I can speak on our hypocrisy for days because at this point, it seems endless.

We don’t understand the concept of reciprocity. We are leeches, just draining Black Men, then condemn them for their weakened state.

This is how reciprocity works:

If we want to be heard…..we must first be willing to LISTEN.

No one wants to be misunderstood….so we must first offer understanding.

If we want the support of Black Men….we have to BE supportive.

If we want our experiences to be seen as valid(and I’m sorry, but not really, refusing to hold ourselves accountable invalidates a lot of our experiences)we must stop discounting their experiences.

Whatever we want….we have to first be willing to give.

And I’m sorry…but not really…the Black Woman is in NO position to have her hand out….demanding anything of the Black Man because of our BLATANT disloyalty to him.

Via Nojma Reflects

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