Thousands across the country march for the end of the genocide of the black population

Black Brazil Today

3,000 people marched down Avenida Paulista in São Paulo 3,000 people marched down Avenida Paulista in São Paulo

Note from BW of Brazil: Yesterday, protesters all over Brazil stopped traffic, marched with banners, screamed and sang in unison against a perceived policy of genocide against the black population. The chilling statistics of murder coming out of Brazil don’t lie and for many, it’s time that Brazilian authorities took the question of black murder more seriously. With the United States in conflict due to a number of police murders of unarmed black men in the past month, and the media consistently reporting (in a very one-sided manner) on the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestinians, it’s time the world also learned of Brazil’s atrocious record against its black population. Slavery ended in Brazil 126 years ago, but it’s time the country stopped criminalizing the ancestors of those Africans. Let the struggle continue!

March alerts of the genocide of…

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