African Head Wraps


GÉLÉ IS the Yoruba word for a head tie or a head wrap. It is an elaborate head tie that has great cultural and historical significance to the Yorubas of Nigeria and indeed to many other African communities.

It symbolizes status, which can include class, marriage and the harmony that exists between a husband and wife in their home, history (in Ijebu, a city in south western Nigeria, a specially dyed purple gèlè is worn by grandmothers to signify the birth of a child) and fashion.

It’s gloriously eye-catching design makes it a must have fashion item at traditional events like weddings. And it’s no surprise that it has earned the name “jewel of headties”– a fact that is alluded to in Yoruba proverbs. When tied well it is seen as a crown, something majestic.

And like a scarf, it can be also be casual or elegant.

Gèlè has been increasing in popularity over the years.



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