Creator of the Meninas Black Power (Afro Girls) project speaks about the growing natural black hair movement in Brazil

Black Women Of Brazil

Élida Aquino


Created by Élida Aquino, a Rio de Janeiro student of nursing and midwifery, the fanpage Meninas Black Power* is a project that was born on the pre-Facebook social networking site, Orkut. At the time, it was a community where girls with kinky/curly hair could share experiences and learned how to deal with their own hair, “since they already knew what was artificial,” says the creator.

With the move to Facebook, the community had stopped working and Élida felt the need to continue what had already happened there. Today, the fanpage with over 4000 followers has extended its content to a blog namesake.

Afro Brazilian women

For the Tpm website, the student spoke about the project. And in the gallery, there are several ways to wear your “black power” (afro).

What are the most frequently asked questions of your readers?

Elida – The most asked are linked to the relationship…

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