Top 9 Positive Hip-Hop Songs Of All Time

The Urban Daily

Hip Hop has taken a bad rap. Mostly because the labels and the media choose to only promote the most negative music to make money. Still Hip Hop has a long history of positive uplifting songs. Here’s my Top 9.

BDP9. Ed O G And The BulldogsBe A Father To Your Child.

Dope ode to to fatherhood with a great positive message to young black men.

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8. Queen LatifahU.N.I.T.Y.

Queen Latifah’s song both discourages misogyny and encourage unity in this early 90s classic.

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7. Kool G. Rap Ft. Biz Markie And Big Daddy KaneErase Racism

Great song about the evils of racism and how to stop it from three of the Juice Crew All-Stars.

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6. Gang West Coast All Stars We’re All In The Same

King Tee, NWA, MC Hammer, Digital Underground, Ice-T…

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