100 years of Abdias do Nascimento: Brazil’s greatest modern day black leader

Black Women Of Brazil


Note from BW of Brazil: Today marks a milestone that should be remembered in the worldwide struggle for black liberation. On this date in 1914, Abdias do Nascimento, the most prominent and recognized modern day Afro-Brazilian /human rights activists was born. Nascimento’s accomplishments throughout his 97 years of life are simply too long to highlight in one post, but the objective today is simply to remember his life and a few of his accomplishments.

Although most people in the English-speaking world have never heard of Nascimento, consider how he was described in 1999’s Africana: The Encyclopedia of the African and African-American Experience edited by Henry Louis Gates and Anthony Appiah. This 2,000 page encyclopedia featuring thousands of entries about personalities, countries, events in relation to Africa and its descendants referred to Nascimento as the “most complete African intellectual of the 20th century”. One of the encyclopedia’s editors, Harvard…

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