2 thoughts on “Just sayin’

  1. I certainly feel you on this particular topic. It is part of the holy trinity of the interracial dating playbook along with we are all one race the human race and love is love. It is almost like telling a lie if you repeat enough it starts to become true.. My favorite people are those who date interracially but claim to be pro black. My position is let those individuals who have O.J. Simpson syndrome fall by the wayside and focus on the brothas and sistas who want to be part of the community to uplift and support one another to pass along to the next generations.

    • Yeah I have to admit. I will never understand those pro black individuals who date interacially, to me it’s a slap in the face to the race it just doesn’t make sense, it shows that even after all their talk they are still very much messed up by the European standards of beauty. I agree with you totally sometimes I think we focus too much on the black people with white partners and not enough on the brothas and sistas who are together, which is a big part of why I done this blog. It’s funny the white people who say race doesn’t matter and we are all the human race only say this when black people get together and do something which excludes them, they never say this when white people exclude black people like on the movie Noah.

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