I’m not Judging…………………..

I’m not judging but if you’re a black person who is really proud to be black you need to get with a black partner otherwise you will have problems in your relationship because no matter how well meaning your partner from the other race is they will never understand what it means to be black and half the time will think you have a chip on your shoulder, because they can’t see racism and have never had to deal with it, then you get frustrated because you’ve got nowhere to turn, you partner is susposed to be your support, they want to support you but don’t understand, they love you not your race.


interracial dating

2 thoughts on “I’m not Judging…………………..

  1. First and foremost, thanks for this site it shows when you are not looking for something you can be surprised with what you find. I don’t how I stumbled across the site but I am glad that I did. The hate, venom, and vitriol displayed back and forth between black men and women on the internet can be disheartening. This site is a shining example of why we continue to fight for and need one another. Many black men and women have fallen for the proverbial banana in the tailpipe when it comes to interracial dating. I was just reading a story about Lena Horne who was involved with a white man during the civil rights era. They were watching television and seeing the brutality faced by black people in the south and she was horrified while he was indifferent. Paula Patton repeatedly told Robin Thicke that he under no circumstances will ever understand what it is to be a black woman. Your point is well taken in that the individual may love you but not people who look like you, At some point, I hope our people will wake up like Dap said in School Daze. Our relationships as black men and women are th foundation of our community!!!

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