Dr. Marta Moreno Vega


Dr. Marta Moreno Vega was born to Puerto Rican parents in New York City. She attended NYU where she received her Bachelors and went on to receive her P.h.d from Temple University. Dr. Vega went on to be a cultura activist and a beacon of light for Puerto Ricans, Nuyoricans, and other group of Latinos all over. She helped develop El Museo Del Barrio and The Association of Hispanic Arts. She is the President and founder of Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute. The Institute focuses on the history, legacies, and arts of people of African descent. Dr. Vega is an author and she also is the creator of the documentary, When The Spirits Dance Mambo which was about Santeria, a Yoruba religion which was featured in the Havana Film Festival in 2002. Dr. Vega mentions that “We are not minorities, we are not others, we are an integral part of the fabric of this nation. Therefore our experiences and stories are to be made visible, respected and honored.” She had the pleasure of working with powerful Afro Latinos including Celia Cruz which helped her develop her passion for helping others. Dr. vega says to Latina students and professionals, “Live in the center of the cultural legacy you represent. Do not try to be like anyone else. Honor what is yours, the legacy that has nurtured your community and insist that others value and honor it as you respect their cultural realities.”

Via https://www.facebook.com/AfroLatinoArmy

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