Liberty Papua Leading the People

An incredible and inspiring revolutionary art piece by
Peter Woods Art, in the likeness of a Delacroix painting.

Over 500,000 innocent people have been killed by the Indonesian military since the illegal occupation of West Papua in the 1963.

We are suffering genocide.

But we will struggle on!

The voice of the West Papuan people is reaching every corner of the world.

Freedom or death!

Free West Papua!


via Free West Papua Campaign

One thought on “Liberty

  1. Dear
    Chief Editor and Viewers Forever Black Effusion Blog.
    Thank You So Much for your Post About West Papua.
    Its really happening and going on under New-Colonial Indonesia Rule on West Papua.
    that’s Arts is Really Amazing and realities, and thank you a lot to designer that art.

    by the way My Name Is Danny Wenda, From West Papua,
    I am an one of them had Skip from West Papua, since we were wanted list by the Indonesia Military.

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