New Web Series Explores The Challenges Of Light Skinned Black Men

Black America Web

Colorism is one subject that can easily cause division and friction in the African-American community. The result of over four centuries of colonialism and slavery, the shade of our skin can determine our sense of worth and attractiveness in a country that runs on White standards of beauty. The pain and persecution of darker skinned Black people can be traced from Wallace Thurman’s 1929 novel “The Blacker The Berry” to the recent 2012 Bill Dukedocumentary “Dark Girls.” But what about lighter skinned African-Americans?

In the new web series “Yellow” (which premiered December 29th) actor Austen Jaye plays a single man in Los Angeles, whose dating and personal life are affected by the stereotypes and perceptions of the lighter skinned Black man from those in his own community.

Numa Perrier, the co-creator of “Yellow,” is also the creative genius (with partner Dennis Dortch) behind BlackAndSexyTV, the Youtube…

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