A Black man’s open Letter to black women – My Apology

Dear Black women

This is my apology.

As a black man I would like to apologise for my gender this isn’t me trying to run game. (Tyler Perry or Drake style). This is a real man talking from the heart. I would like to apologise to the black women I have disrespected in my life, and that starts with my mother. I was raised by my mother, but feel I have disrespected her by only dating white women, and my mother whilst not being happy about it, has always welcomed the women into her home with an open heart.

My excuse was always the same, white women are more submissive, have less attitude, are more fun, and above all they let a black man be without always nagging, but I have grown to find out letting someone be, when they are destroying themselves isn’t caring for them.

Black women nag, because they care and want a man to be A MAN and not a boy, they see the greatness in their eyes and desperately want to bring it out, now I have stepped back, how can I be mad at that.

In my opinon black women have attitude, because like all women they are looking for a man with confidence and if you can’t take a rejection how are you going to stand up for them or stand up to them. All women want security and if you are crushed by a rejection then how can they feel secure.

Especially a black woman who is the most disrespected women in the world.

Black women are the original ride or die chicks, just look at history. I can see that now and how do I pay you back. The first chance I get I start dating white women and not just date white women but disrespecting black women in the process because of my fragile ego and the fact that I have a messed up vision of what it means to be a man. I wouldn’t blame you if you gave up on us, but it’s testimony to your nature that you haven’t. That’s why I love you, that’s why I will stand up for you and I will always protect you.

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