In the 1960s, when black Brazilians were barred from white clubs, the Aristocrata Club became the “the most luxurious black club in Brazil”

Black Women of Brazil

Note from BW of Brazil:The roots of racism and black resistance are deep and filled with tragedies as well as hidden treasures. This story falls into the latter category. Although Brazilian elites didn’t post signs that read “whites only”, “preferem-se brancos (we prefer whites)” (see here, here, here or here) were common in job classified sections of newspapers and Afro-Brazilians were routinely barred from areas and establishments using these means as a socially enforced mechanism of exclusion. In 1960s São Paulo, as in other areas of the country, black people came together and did for self, creating what would become “THE place” for middle-class blacks of the era. Check out an inspiring story from the days of way back below….

The Aristocrata Club, “the most luxurious black club in Brazil”

clube 2

At a time when “gente de cor (people of color)” were barred at dances and in the…

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