African-American activist Joe Beasley brokers deal with Coca-Cola Brasil; beverage giant will contribute US$2.1 million to various Afro-Brazilian organizations

Black Women of Brazil

Note from BW of Brazil:The momentum for the development of the Afro-Brazilian community continues to grow as major players step forward to pledge their support. Although statistics and reports show how the Afro-Brazilian population is treated differently, stereotyped or excluded altogether, without support to provoke change there is no progress. Over the past decade, the system of affirmative action has changed the lives of thousands of black Brazilians by opening the door to access higher education. And as the discussion of the need for quotas in other areas continues, one of the world’s largest companies, Coca-Cola, recently stepped forward and made a commitment of support for the development of a community that has been long ignored. 

Although they may not be household names, two African-Americans were very instrumental in helping to bring the refreshment giant and Brazil’s black community together. Joe Beasley, president of the Joe Beasley Foundation, has…

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