Blues people


He said that we were almost a nation of poets, and musicians. Talking about West Africans. He said that blue was our favorite color, you know that beautiful Guinea blue. So that when you come over here though, blue has changed, its dimension has changed. So we no longer, when we say blue now we think of sadness, and history, but there’s also a touch of beauty in that. You know, The Blues.We say, yeah he really blew, like/meaning, he really expressed himself, but we say, yeah he blue, meaning, he lost. So that kind of dialectical combination of the blues as beauty and the blues is loss is tied to, how ancient, how ancient— it’s important. And so The Blues is our national consciousness. No matter what kinda music we play, if it’s got any substance to it the blues is in it somewhere. Weather it’s rap, or weather it’s Duke Ellington, or John Coltrane, or Reggae, you know, that strain is in it, that pentatonic scale from Africa, is in it, and uh, we tell our lives…. When that music changes, it means the people have changed. When black music changes it means their minds have changed, they’ve altered their relationship to the world in some way…And that ain’t submission, that’s just hold and wait, like the revolutionary said, hold and wait—


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