Smoke DZA Declares “Black Independence” With J. Ivy


Smoke DZA released a song today called “Black Independence.” For DZA, “Black Independence” is more than just a song, however. It is a doctrine to live by. “This year is my year to be completely independent, through and through,” he tweeted. “To take ownership of my creations and destiny.”

He talks about this spirit of independence on the song. Over the lush horns from producer 183rd, DZA says, “Them wack deals ain’t designed for no niggas winning.” For him, the goal is to remain independent and “On my Percy Miller shit/I’ma persevere.” Joining him on the song is the poet J. Ivy, who once appeared on a song with Kanye West and Jay Z. J. Ivy delivers an interlude on the song, dropping words of wisdom about the past and about his dreams for the future.

“Black Independence” appears on DZA’s upcoming album, Dream.ZONE.Achieve, which will be coming out April 1.

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